Electric Pet Grooming Comb

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Trimming your pet's coat can be exhausting and quite frustrating. Pets tend to move or be afraid to let you trim their coat when they need a little hair trim. Your arms tire out trying to hold your dog from squirming and based off of your positioning your back can be left with much strain as well. Trimming your pet can be even more difficult depending on the size of your pet as well. 

Now with the Electric Pet Grooming Comb, you can put an end to all of the struggles with your pet's hair trimming needs! The Electric Pet Grooming Comb will remove knots from your pet's coat with the easy push of a button! Perfect for a quick and easy trim to even out your pet's coat easily and quickly without too much stress or restraining your pet. Just go over your pet's hair with the comb and with the push of a button, free up any tangles that are there instantly!

The Electric Pet Grooming comb will save you hours of time and stress when it comes to giving your little guy or big guy a trim ( or girl ). Some pet's coats are much more tangly than others but that's ok because the Electric Pet Grooming Comb can handle it!

With the Electric Pet Grooming Comb, you can save yourself a good $50 to $100 dollars or more depending on your pet grooming provider using this easy to use comb!

  • Hidden rotating blades allow you to comb your pet well.
  • These blades allow you to cross the knot with just one button press, which means you will not have to pull the knot to untie it.
  • With this function, it will not be causing pain or discomfort.
  • Simple and quick combing tools to keep your pet fur best maintained.

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